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Current Issues With Billing

We are investing two related issues at the moment:
  • Accounts being prematurely deactivated due to failed billing (the failure appears to be between our system and our bank),
  • A very few accounts (less than a dozen) being charged multiple times (at first glance these appear to be from re-entered billing info or change of subscription plans), and
    • Update 10/29: It appears many of the accounts that normally bill on the 27th of the month were again billed on the 28th. We are getting this list of these, confirming the duplication and will be refunding the transactions as soon as possible.
    • Update 10/30: All the accounts where the additional charge was from our system failure have been identified. Refunds are being processed now and should be completed by early evening if not sooner - and is now Mostly Complete.
  • A few accounts that were charged but not given game access.
    • Update: 10/28: Most of these accounts have had access restored. I am locating the remainder and fixing.
    • Update 10/30: This is still happening for new and reactivated accounts over the last couple of days. We will be fixing manually as fast as we can. Please do not re-enter billing info or changing subscription plans when the system does not immediately activate you - that generates additional charges on your credit card each time! We strongly recommend using PayPal for the moment.

We apologize for these issues. They are our highest priority and everyone who can help is working on the issue.

Thank you for your patience.

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